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So I decided to try something new! Doing a various thingy and in order for this to work I'm going to need your help! Please leave comments on who you'd like to see one from, in the AoT series. c:
P.S. This may or may not have some swearing/sexual puns and actions in it, please bear with me. Enjoy! ^^

You had just stripped your last bit of your uniform as you sleepily sat on your bed. Pulling your [h/c] hair free from it's ponytail you lazily slid under the covers, resting your head on your pillow. Just as your [e/c] eyes shut from sleepiness the door swung open, slamming into the wall with a thud. 'Well that wont break through the wall.'

Quickly sitting up you looked to your now open door and started at Hanji, who was frantically running towards you. "H-Hanji?" You whimper as she reaches for you, and pulls you from your bed. "Come with me, [f/n]!"
She drags you to the door, and nearly shoves you into the hall, slamming your door behind the two of you. She then starts to pull you down the hall, and it isn't until a deathly shiver rakes up your back that you realize your in your underwear.

"Hanji!" You plead as she continues to drag you down the hall. "P-Please I'm not dressed!"
She giggles loudly before turning a corner, pulling you closer, "It's fine, being dressed like this will only make our game more interesting, [f/n]!"

"What game?"
"Truth or dare, we're going to be playing it with everyone!"

She forces you in front of the dinning hall doorway, and you cry once more. "Oh god Hanji! Please don't make me go in there like this!"
She kicks the door open and throws you inside, causing you to stumble and fall to the cold surface of the floor. You hear many gasps, and a few people shift in their chairs as they look down at your half-naked figure.

Luckily tonight you had decided to keep a tank-top on over your bra, but that didn't help that the only thing covering your bottom half were a white pair of boy-shorts. (kinda like these,… )

Your breath hitched in your throat as you slowly lifted your head, your gaze meeting with countless pairs of eyes differing from blue to grey. You hear the door close loudly behind you, quickly followed by Hanji's overly obnoxious voice,
"Let the games begin!"

You stumbled to your feet and hastily flung the door open, attempting to run away. Hanji quickly pulled you back into the room and threw you onto your butt again. "No no no, [f/n]. No leaving before were done!"
She pulls a small key from her pocket and locks the door, "You need to relax and have some fun!"

She leads you towards a seat between Reiner and Corporal Levi. You shakily sit down and then look at your feet that tense against the cold floor. Hanji quickly turns to the the circle of chairs conveniently placed in the middle of the room. "Alright then, who is ready to play our fun little game?"

Everyone was still a little shocked as they started at your improper figure. Finally a few "okays" filled the room, causing Hanji to giggle like a madman. You heard Reiner shift in his chair next to you, slowly his hand was placed on your thigh. You hold your breath as you look down at his large hand. 'Fucking pervert,' You think coldly.

Just as you were about to open your mouth your chair drags towards your right, and you quickly turn to see a certain Corporal pulling away from the legs of your chair.
"Filthy brat," He hissed.

You were now closer to Levi, but far enough whereas Reiner couldn't touch you. Hanji's voice filled the room again as she brought an empty bottle to the middle of the circle, "Time to decide who goes first!" She cries loudly as she places it on the floor, getting ready to spin it.
"Oh yeah," she interrupts herself, "The only rule is the same thing cannot be done twice in a row, so if the first person picks truth, the second automatically has to do dare, and so forth."

You here a few whimpers as soldiers like Armin and Krista tense in their chairs. 'Well, this should be interesting' you thought.
Boy were you wrong.

Hanji finally places the bottle to the floor and gives it a good spin before standing up, watching it as it's starts off steadily and fast, but soon falters and slows. It finally stops, and turquoise eyes widen as Eren lets out a primal yelp. Hanji's face lights up instantly and she skips happily in front of the boy, "Truth or dare, Eren?"

He lets out a sigh and mumbles, "Truth. As if I'd trust any dare from you." Hanji quickly frowns, she had been hoping he'd pick dare.
"Fine fine, give me a second to think of a question." A few seconds go by before she finally asks.

"Who do you like?"

Eren's face turns bright red as he stutters for a few seconds, finally knowing he'll have to answer he whispers,

Hanji quickly asks him to repeat and he lets out a whimper before complying, "A-Annie!"

Mikasa's quickly stiffens and you can barely hear the hiss that leaves her mouth, "That blonde bitch is lucky she joined the Military Police."
Jean's laughter is the only sound that fills the air after Mikasa's statement. "You like her Jaeger?!"
Eren lets out a hiss of his own, "Better than liking someone who'll never like you back, horse-face!"
Jean's about to retaliate before Hanji lets out a very loud "Shush! We're moving on now, fight later!"

She drops to her knees again and gives the bottle another spin, it just so happens to land on Jean. Hanji gleefully jumps to her feet, a sadistic smile drawing across her face. "Kiss Eren."

She shakes her head, "You have too!"
"What's happens if I refuse?" Jean questions as he glares at the older woman.
"I'll make Levi beat you up, and then you'll have ALL cleaning duties for an entire year. I hate fun-game ruiners."

Jean nearly falls out of his seat. After swearing loudly a few times he stumbles to his feet and wobbles towards Eren, "I swear if you enjoy this you disgusting horse-face," Eren hisses, "I'll kill you."
"Me? Enjoy this? I'd rather be kissing Mikasa!"

Finally the two boys quickly closed their eyes tightly, and Eren even went as far as plugging his nose in disgust. Jean shakily leaned into Eren's smaller body, pressing his lips gently to the soft lips that belonged to Eren. And thus Eren x Jean fans were born.

As boy boys swore and wiped at their mouths Hanji got back to business and spun the bottle again. A few quiet giggles left some of the girls as the poked at both boys. "So Errren it looks like you enjoyed that kiss~" Ymir purred. He swore loudly at the girl, cursing her out.
Finally the bottle stopped on it's next victim, Armin.

Hanji clapped her hands together, "I'm glad this truth wasn't wasted on someone fun, like Levi or Erwin~"
Armin shifted in his seat and looked at Hanji curiously, "Your not going to make me say who I like, are you?"
"No!" Hanji laughed loudly as she skipped in front of Armin, "I've got something even better for you!"

She turned abruptly as she pointed to all the girls in the room, "Out of all the girls in this room, who would you fuck?"

"Eren!" He answers loudly, and only milliseconds after the question is asked.

The room grows awkwardly quiet as everyone's eyes land on the blonde haired boy. 'Oh my!' You think.
Finally Hanji backs away from the boy with a slight cough leaving her throat, "W-Well he's not a girl, but I guess we'll move on now, no?"

Armin buries his face into his hands and whine for the few moments the bottle spins on the ground. You watch as the bottle starts to slow, and nearly jump out of your seat when it stops, and is pointing at you.

"Ohhh~" Hanji coos as she skips in front of you, "A dare for you, [f/n]."
I always like Eren x Annie better than Eren x Mikasa, I mean shit, their family, stop being disgusting AoT fans.
Oh Armin lol.

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