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May 29
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|| Contains mild swearing kiddies, and this is my first fanfic so critiques are always welcome. Just a writing practice for me, but please do enjoy ||

You graduated from the 104th Trainees Squad, but due to a lack of effort, didn't score in the top ten. Whenever you were supposed to be training you'd often be taking a nap where Shadis wouldn't find you. It wasn't really your fault though, he was the one making you get up so early in the first place. You weren't the most social person; it's not that you disliked company, you were just a little shy around the others. When you were a child you didn't have many friends, which made reaching out to the others quite difficult.

Often you'd greet them the same way they'd greet each other; with rough actions and harsh words. This didn't play out in your favor and you were soon know as the sarcastic bitch of the group. You didn't mind it after a while, and soon found it fun to ask witty rhetoric questions whenever some one tried to communicate with you.

      "[f/n], could you help me carry this?" Eren asked as he gazed towards your resting figure. You let out a loud sigh, pushed yourself off the ground and strode towards him.

"I could, but don't you think the real question here is 'will I'?" You smirked as you tapped your nails on the large crate he was moving.
       Eren sighed, rolling his greenish eyes. "Okay then, [f/n]. Will you help me carry this?" He visibly struggled with the crate, nearly dropping it when you tapped your hand onto it.

"Nah, you're a big boy after all; you need to build some character, and tearing your muscles carrying something that's too heavy is a great way to do so."
      "[f-f/n]!" Eren called out when you turned on your heel and walked away.


You smiled softly as the memories of the past three years clouded your mind. You stood in the large crowd that looked up at the famous Commander of the Survey Corps. Although you were too busy with your own thoughts to have heard his speech, you stayed when he dismissed those who wanted to join the other divisions.

You had originally planned to put your slacker butt into the Garrison, but apparently your legs had decided otherwise. You had stood there unmoving as others frantically pushed by you to move on; they couldn't face the titans. After the things you witnessed in Trost, you didn't really blame them.
For a long time, you thought you wouldn't be able to either, but today your fear was replaced with courage and the will to fight.


Your first expedition outside the wall was coming up soon, yet here you were, cleaning. The very short Corporal liked everything spotless, and I mean everything. You were standing outside, sweeping the ground. Yes he was making you sweep dirt.
Well, at least you just had to sway the broom back and forth, instead of cleaning out one of the dirty rooms inside headquarters. He made some of the cadets redo their rooms countless times.

You looked down and watched as the tiny dust particles floated up into the air, carried away by the breeze.
You sighed.

This is going to be a long day , you thought sourly.

After an eternity of sweeping, it was finally time for dinner.  You happily dropped the broom and walked towards the mess hall. After receiving your dinner -- which consisted of a piece of stale bread and what you assumed to be stew -- you sat at your usual table. Krista smiled happily at you. "Hello [f/n]!"

You softly nodded and took a bite of your bread, instantly regretting it.

"I'm pretty sure the crap from training tasted better than this." You sighed as you dropped the bread onto your plate.
      Ymir scoffed at your statement. "If you don't like it, why don't you just go home; it's pretty obvious a slacker like you doesn't belong here anyway."

"I dare you to say that again." You hissed.
      Krista immediately placed herself between the two of you. "Please don't fight today; we're all exhausted from the work we did, so please try to get along." Ymir laughed, wrapping her arm around Krista, saying something about how much she loved her cute personality. You rolled your eyes and scooped up a spoonful of stew, bringing it to your lips.


"He's so dreamy," a soft voice sighed contently.
      "No, he's hot, not dreamy," another voice corrected. Your eyes instantly shifted to the right, staring at the girls seated a few feet away from you.
You followed their gazes and noticed they were gawking at Corporal Levi.

You did your best to hold in the laugh threatening to escape your lips. You smirked evilly as you let out a small cough, letting them know you heard every word. Both girls blushed as they looked down at the food in front of them. Clearing your throat, you spoke a little louder than you intended too.

"Listen girls, Corporal fairy god mother has nothing going for him. Not only is he OCD, which ultimately means he's probably the possessive type that would probably plan out your whole life for you, he's also got that very unattractive constipated look to him. Oh, did I mention he's like a freaking dwarf? Wouldn't you rather be more interested in a real guy, not an undersized man child?"

The loud bang that filled the room made you jump. You eyes quickly shifted towards the table near the exit were the man himself was fuming, his fist still pressed against the table.

Oh shit.

He quickly got up and hastily made his way towards your table where you saw Krista sink down into her seat, and Ymir gaze at the food in front of her. You reallllly needed to work on your 'inside voice.'
He stopped abruptly in front of you, and his cold grey eyes shifted menacingly down to meet your [e/c] ones. You felt a large lump form at the back of your throat as you slowly lifted your hand.

"A hundred."

      "What," you furrowed your brows.


Your lungs nearly imploded at his demand.
"S-Sir that's impossible," Krista spoke up, "Besides it's dark out now!" It was moments like these that you were thankful you befriended the goddess that was Krista Lenz.

"Tch. Fine then do a hundred push-ups." He growled. You glared back at the short man and quickly turned back to your stew bringing the spoon into the 'liquid.'
      "Now, Cadet."

You glared as you let the spoon fall into the broth, and pushed away from the table roughly. Seeing how you skipped out a lot during training, you weren't the fittest cadet, Armin was most likely stronger than you.
You dropped to the ground and slowly started with your punishment, feeling the daggers that were definitely being stabbed into you weak frame.

"One...Two..." You huffed as you shakily brought yourself back up. You knew you were weak, but this was just downright pathetic.
" hundred..."
You cheated.

He knew you cheated, you knew you cheated, hell everyone heard you. You could practically hear Ymir face palming.

You quickly jumped up, trying to seem stronger than you really were. You tried to turn back towards your table but his growls stopped you.
      "The hell do you think you're doing?"

"Walking, sir."

He growled again, "No, where do you think you're going?"

"To the table?"

His brow furrowed into a deeper glare, "Not after that shit performance, I said a hundred push-ups, not four half assed ones."
      You smirked victoriously, "I did sir, didn't you see me count to one hundred?"

"You skipped over ninety-six numbers," he hissed. "You clearly broke the rules of your punishment."
      "Invalid argument sir, you never specified any rules for the push-ups, therefor nothing had been broken."

The next day you ran your hundred laps, and he was sure to give you the proper ruleset for that punishment.
hide  I'm not even sure what I'm doing with my life anymore. This wasn't even supposed to be a thing, I was just trying to improve my writing abilities and then it turned into this. Well anyway enjoy it? 
Except my watchers who are probably like wtf right now XD 
p.s. I might do more

Part two…
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My cousin told me to read this and this is very funny just the fact that reader-chan offended
Captain levi like that (levi heichou). And i just love love love love love love love the fact that
the reader is tsundere that is a really great touch to reader-chan's personality. and I like the fact that you out compare the food to the crappy training. That was really funny and yea I have to add unnessary because I have more characters to go andni am goingnto water them like this so yea

over all, that was very funny and loved it
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This is really good! A lot of people make the reader really talented and hard working. The fact that you haven't makes the story unique and interesting. You have described it vividly, to the point I was cringing when the insults were flying. Levi's attitude was spot on in my opinion, his reaction was perfect.

The only improvement I can think of is that the transitions between scenes are maybe a little rushed? It didn't impair the flow of the story so it is not a major issue, but perhaps link the paragraphs in with each other at some points rather than cutting between scenes so directly.

My first ever critique :D
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You made me laugh so hard!
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